Café de Zwart is the place to be for a delicious cold draft beer or a choice of various specialty beers on tap or bottle. We also serve different wines by the glass or bottle. Classics such as various jenevers, ‘Advocaat’ also known as an egg-nog with whipped cream, lemon brandy and many other drinks are at the menu. Craving for a gin tonic? We’ve got your back! Or celebrating something special? We also have bubbles.

As snacks we serve some really good Dutch classics such as old cheese, beef sausage, liver sausage, also known als the Dutch ‘Leverworst’ and various others. Nuts & Olives can be ordered as well.

We also serve fresh coffee!

And of course we serve a variety of coffee in all sorts and kinds with delicious typical Dutch apple pie, from a very special bakery ‘De Taartenkamer’. Going all the way? Have some whipped cream with your apple pie.
You won’t regret it.

Our Menu

For a wide range of delicious drinks, come to Café de Zwart in Amsterdam. From various types of wine to special beers, from fresh coffee with apple pie to a nice old-fashioned ‘Advocaatje’, you’ve come to the right place!

Come and enjoy a delicious drink or a headbutt!

Wine is fine! Enjoy White, Rosé or Red at Café de Zwart.

Enjoy a delicious, cold special beer on the terrace!

Want to eat something quickly during a day in Amsterdam? We have the best sandwiches!

Want to take a cup of coffee with you to work? We also have ‘Coffee to go’.

Come and enjoy our delicious Gin Tonics!